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Welcome to Glass Onyon Promotions – a multi-facetted publicity company specializing in the promotions of bands/labels/releases/tours and gigs. Glass Onyon PR differs from most commercial/AOR press agencies due to our expertise in the promotions of alternate genres of music – Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Progressive Rock, Heavy Metal, Avant-Garde. Glass Onyon PR has amassed a network of writers/reviewers/news sources worldwide to achieve top media exposure; Internet – official websites, news services, newsgroups, message boards, fan sites, etc. Off-line media – periodicals, publications (National and International.) Unlike other publicity companies, Glass Onyon PR offers alternative services such as shopping material for label deals, publishing deals, licensing and distribution.

Some of our clients:
The Grandmothers (ex- Mothers Of Invention)
Michael Bruce (ex- Alice Cooper)
Bouchard, Dunaway and Smith (ex- BOC/Alice Cooper)
Napoleon Murphy Brock (ex-Zappa)
Joey Molland (Badfinger)
Todd Rundgren/Sanctuary Records
The Lizards (ex-Rainbow/BOC/Riot)
Vanilla Fudge
Travers & Appice
Peter Banks (Yes)
Rockette Morton (ex-Capt. Beefheart)
Mitch Mitchell
Harvey Dalton Arnold (Outlaws)
Jack Bruce
Stewkey (The Nazz)
Lito Music Group
Mark Gandy
NYC Blues Devils
Circle of Fear
Ken Hensley (Uriah Heep / Blackfoot)
Centerline Entertainment
Dig Jelly
Dawn Of Correction

Powder Blues


Glass Onyon Promotions offer a wide variety of services to suit your publicity needs. Please contact us for more info:
Fax – 910-793-0650
P.O. Box 207
Carolina Beach, NC. 28428-0207 USA


Glass Onyon Promotions Services

1) Prepare Biography/Press Releases
2) Prepare Press Kit
3) Plan publicity strategy and discuss long term goals
4) Submit material to different labels for signing/licensing (National and International)
5) Submit music to publications on and off-line for reviews/articles/interviews to obtain press (National and International)
6) Internet promotions/sales - this includes issuing Press Releases to all related official websites, news sources, fan websites, newsgroups, internet radio shows and message boards for publicity and sales (National and International)
7) Tour Support - this includes contacting pertinent periodicals/publications/radio programs in cities where the act is performing. Also issuing Press Releases, through the various channels listed in Service #6 that list tour information (National and International)
8) Submit music/songs to music publishers
9) Submit CD/DVD to distribution companies (including internet distributors)
10) Help you get your online/offline sales company started

We cater towards the individual needs of the artist, so any combination of the services listed above are available.


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