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Latest information on Ant-Bee, The Grandmothers, ex-Alice Cooper Group Members, Daevid Allen, Gilli Smyth, Peter Banks, Jan Akkerman, Bill Harkleroad and a host of other weirdos!!!

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    Currently, Lunar Muzik, the latest Ant-Bee CD has gone into a second pressing, and is selling well worldwide.The first album, Pure Electric Honey, has been completed for release and will hopefully be available by the summer on Divine Records UK. Meanwhile, the Ant-Bee (Billy James) has been hard at work on the fourth album Electronic Church Muzik. Songs completed so far are "Birth" with Gilli Smyth and "Living" with Michael Bruce. The song line-up for the new record at present goes like this (which can change at any given moment):

  • Birth - featuring Gilli Smyth
  • Living - featuring Michael Bruce
  • Body Language - featuring Daevid Allen, 
        Bunk Gardner and Don Preston
  • Believe It - featuring Michael Bruce and Bob Dolin
  • Eye Of Agomoto - featuring Don Preston & Bunk 
  • As Night Falls - featuring Peter Banks
  • The Guff (the hall of souls) - featuring Gilli Smyth
  • The Indian's Duck-Bill Quacks In Heaven - featuring 
        Zoot Horn Rollo and Jimmy Carl Black
  • Guitar Man
  • Psalm I9 Fade To Blue - featuring Peter Banks
  • Psalm II
  • (untitled) Jan Akkerman piece
  • Psalm III
  • Endless Journey - featuring Peter Banks
  • (untitled) piece featuring Michael Bruce, 
        Dennis Dunnaway and Neal Smith
  • I Can Feel Him In The Morning (Grand Funk cover)
  • Rebirth - featuring Gilli Smyth

    A slightly different version of "Birth" will be featured on the majestic Gilli Smyth's new album entitled Gilli Smyth and Friends. A compilation of sorts, which will feature new compositions and collaborations from Gilli, as well as a cut from the forthcoming Gong CD The Family Jewels, and a cut from the forthcoming Genesis tribute album in which Gilli does a cover of "In The Beginning." The Ant-Bee has recently recorded vocals and drums for Peter Banks new album called Production, which will hopefully be released summer '98. The Ant-Bee has also been corresponding with legendary clay animator Bruce Bickford, who is best known for his nightmarish clay animation in Frank Zappa's Baby Snakes movie. The amazing Mr. Bickford is working on a new full length animated feature with help from his collaborator Brian Prosser, which will most likely feature music from Ant-Bee, Peter Banks and Michael Bruce. Bruce Bickford is looking for financial investors to help finish the film, which should be a masterpiece in animation, the likes of which has not been seen before. Interested parties can contact Bruce through Billy James at Web Bizarre. Check out Bizarre Book News for latest Grand Funk and Captain Beefheart book information.

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Associated Bizartists

Michael Bruce

    Michael Bruce has been gigging throughout the Texas area and has recently signed a major deal with a large booking agency, this means Mr. Bruce should be touring in your area soon. Watch for tour dates posted here. Michael is currently negotiating with One-Way Records USA to release some rare Billion Dollar Babies material. Also a new tribute to Alice Cooper will be released soon on Ruff Night records. It will feature Michael Bruce and Ant-Bee's live version of "I'm Eighteen."

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Peter Banks

    Peter Banks has been very busy lately, recently he performed with the group Funky Monkey at the Midem Convention in France. He is also featured on their new CDEP called Come Together People Of Funk. He has also been doing session work with the group St. Ettianne. Recently, through the help of Banks, a double CD of Yes's BBC sessions from '69 and '70 has been released entitled Something's Coming (available through Glass Onyon Mailorder Muck An excellent compilation of unreleased live material, and informative liner notes by Peter. Highlights included live versions of "Every Little Thing" and the unreleased gem "For Everyone." Banks has been negotiating with Cleopatra Records USA for release of the album under a different name Beyond And Before. Peter Banks official website will finally be completed next month so keep a watch.

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The Grandmothers

    Jimmy Carl Black and Bunk Gardner have just completed a successful tour of Europe with their new version of the Grandmothers. They are currently setting up another tour in May - watch for tour dates here. Also the show in Paris was recorded and a hopeful live album will come from this. Although Don Preston wasn't involved in this tour, there's a possibility he will join the group on the next one. In the meanwhile, Don has been very busy with other projects. He was recently the "featured artist" with the California Institute Of The Arts Dance Theatre. Also the past November Preston sang in Michael Mantler's opera The School Of Languages along with Jack Bruce and John Greeves. In the summer of '98 Don will be performing at several festivals, watch for tour dates. Don Preston is booked in Europe by Pipeline Concert Agency 011441869325425. In US by No AB Booking 415-522-1154. Billy James and Bunk Gardner are still working on his solo album as well as Grandmothers book.

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Jan Akkerman

    The Dutch guitar master has been busy as usual playing various gigs throughout Europe. He has recently finished an album with early Hendrix collaborator Curtis Knight. Also Jan's entire back catalog, including the infamous Oil In The Way CD, have been released some with bonus tracks in Europe. All titles will be available through Glass Onyon Distribution.

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Daevid Allen and Gilli Smyth - Gong

    Gong have been very active lately, with continuous gigs and releases by Daevid, Gilli and other Gong family members. The first big news is the addition of legendary drummer Piere Moerien (Gong, Oldfield) to the current Gong line-up. Gong will be touring France from April 30 to May 15th. Also Daevid and Gilli will be playing one-off solo gigs in the UK throughout May. New CD releases include Daevid Allen's Eat Me Baby, I'm A Jellybean. An album on which he quirkily reworks and sings classic jazz standards! Backed by Bloomdido and jazz drummer Ndugu. Also Daevid and Harry Williamson are working on an all glissando album called Aeolia. Forthcoming release is Gong - Family Jewels, a double CD of solo and collective efforts from Gong members.

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