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18 March 2010

Billy James's new book A Dream Goes On Forever - The Continuing Story of Todd Rundgern vol. 2 has been released on Golden Treasures Publishing and can be purchased at:

25 September 2006

Billy James is nearing completion of his new book A Dream Goes On Forever The Continuing Story Of Todd Rundgren Volume 2 (The Utopia Years). Special thanks to Tony Rogers, Smeeg, Helios Marzal and John Grizzell for proofreading, and Kathy Sands-Boehmer for editing. Kasim Sulton has written a fantastic foreword and the equally fantastic Bill Bricker (TR historian) will be doing the graphics for the book. The new Rundgren book is tentatively scheduled for an early Spring 2007 release on Golden Treasures Publishing (

05 April 2005

The new UK version of "Necessity is..." received a 4 out of 5 star rating in the March edition of Classic  Rock Magazine.

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11 Feb 2005

Billy James is currently completing his book 'A Dream Goes On Forever - The Continuing Story Of Todd Rundgren - Vol. 2 (1976 - 1988). He recently interviewed legendary Tubes/Rundgren drummer Prairie Prince about his recollections of The Tubes 'Remote Control' and 'Love Bomb' sessions (prod. by TR), as well as the seminal '80s pop classic XTC- 'Skylarking.' For more info on Prairie Prince go to:
Billy James book on Frank Zappa and the Mothers 'Necessity Is...' has been re-released in the UK (SAF) in a smaller size format with updated material.

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09 Feb 2004

Check out the new Italian review of the Todd Rundgren book at

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10 Feb 2003

Todd Rundgren book, "The Dream Goes on Forever" is released & available at Golden Treasures Publishing.

A Dream Goes On Forever - The Continuing Story Of Todd Rundgren (Volume 1)    A Dream Goes On Forever - The Continuing Story Of Todd Rundgren (Volume 1) is near complete. Order your copy from Golden Treasures Publishing . Ostensibly, Goldmine Magazine and Mojo Magazine will be doing special articles/reviews on the release. Also electronic wizard Roger Powell has opted to write the forward to the book - Mr. Triscuits rules!!!

    Most recently, through the help of Michael Adrian, Billy James tracked down ex-Utopia's Ralph Schuckett and John Siegler for interviews for the Rundgren book - many hours of 'gold' have been yielded from illuminations by both Siegler and Schuckett. Likewise, Willie Wilcox has recently enlightened the book with stories of Utopian adventures! Others who have contributed greatly on this project are: Tony Rogers, Mike Adrian, Ruth Rundgren, Kelli Richards, Moogy Klingman, Paul Fishkin, Don Brewer, Norman Smart, Kasim, Kevin Ellman, Joey Molland, Ed McCarthy, Tom Cannon, Bill Bricker, Roger Linder, Lys Wilkinson, Marc Nathan, Michael Bruce, Paul Lester, Joe Megna, Eric Gardner, Mary Lou Arnold, Jean Zepp Kanzinger, Rob Steen, Billy Mundi, Steve Orkando, Stewkey, Doug Powell, Keiko Ohwada, Steve DiGiorgi, Lino Terlati, Hiroshi Kawauchi, Steve Roeser, Robin Ambrose and many, many others!

    The cover artwork will be rendered by Cal Schenkel (Frank Zappa artist) and, will feature the 'man-eating peacock' photo (shown above) from Todd Rundgren's 1973 Midnight Special appearance (taken by Lynn Goldsmith).

    The book will initially be issued in softbound, with 10 page color photo middle insert. Volume two (scheduled for late 2002) will adhere to the same format. A hardbound edition (combining both volumes) with an 'update' chapter and extra photos is planned for 2003.

    Combined with extensive interview material, reprinting of articles, reviews and press releases, the book will feature dozens of rare photos and memorabilia strewn throughout.

    For more information or to order your copy, check out the Golden Treasures Publishing website.

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