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The Bizarre Book News Archive
2000 Through 2002

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27 November 2002

The new book on Badfinger written by band member Joey Molland with Billy James has a new title "When I Was A Boy - My Life With Badfinger". It is moving along swiftly and we're looking at a Spring 2003 release. Also the book will most likely contain a bonus DVD with rare photos, live video footage, contracts and other items of interest.

SAF Publishing will be re-releasing "No More Mister Nice Guy" (Michael Bruce & Billy James), "Lunar Notes" (Bill Harkleroad and Billy James) and "Necessity Is..." in pocket paperback versions with updated chapters and photos. Keep a watch here for release dates.

Billy James is currently in negotiations for a book about legendary 70s group Be Bop Deluxe. More news soon.

Check Out the new Grand Funk Railroad remasters (tastefully executed by David Tedds) - not only does Billy James get a credit in the acknowledgements, but in some of the reissue liner notes (tastefully written by Steve Roeser) some of "An American Band" Book is quoted!!!

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30 September 2002

Check out the new article on Grand Funk Railroad
by journalist Fred Mills -
Billy James and his book on the 'American Band'
is mentioned several times throughout!

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Beyond and Before - The Formulative years of YES         2 Aug 2002


Just Released - Beyond and Before, the formative years of YES

Peter Banks new book
Beyond And Before, is now available
visit Golden Treasures Publishing
for your copy or more information




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A Dream Goes On Forever - The Continuing Story Of Todd Rundgren (Volume 1)    A Dream Goes On Forever - The Continuing Story Of Todd Rundgren (Volume 1) is near complete. Order your copy from Golden Treasures Publishing . Ostensibly, Goldmine Magazine and Mojo Magazine will be doing special articles/reviews on the release. Also electronic wizard Roger Powell has opted to write the forward to the book - Mr. Triscuits rules!!!

    Most recently, through the help of Michael Adrian, Billy James tracked down ex-Utopia's Ralph Schuckett and John Siegler for interviews for the Rundgren book - many hours of 'gold' have been yielded from illuminations by both Siegler and Schuckett. Likewise, Willie Wilcox has recently enlightened the book with stories of Utopian adventures! Others who have contributed greatly on this project are: Tony Rogers, Mike Adrian, Ruth Rundgren, Kelli Richards, Moogy Klingman, Paul Fishkin, Don Brewer, Norman Smart, Kasim, Kevin Ellman, Joey Molland, Ed McCarthy, Tom Cannon, Bill Bricker, Roger Linder, Lys Wilkinson, Marc Nathan, Michael Bruce, Paul Lester, Joe Megna, Eric Gardner, Mary Lou Arnold, Jean Zepp Kanzinger, Rob Steen, Billy Mundi, Steve Orkando, Stewkey, Doug Powell, Keiko Ohwada, Steve DiGiorgi, Lino Terlati, Hiroshi Kawauchi, Steve Roeser, Robin Ambrose and many, many others!

    The cover artwork will be rendered by Cal Schenkel (Frank Zappa artist) and, will feature the 'man-eating peacock' photo (shown above) from Todd Rundgren's 1973 Midnight Special appearance (taken by Lynn Goldsmith).

    The book will initially be issued in softbound, with 10 page color photo middle insert. Volume two (scheduled for late 2002) will adhere to the same format. A hardbound edition (combining both volumes) with an 'update' chapter and extra photos is planned for 2003.

    Combined with extensive interview material, reprinting of articles, reviews and press releases, the book will feature dozens of rare photos and memorabilia strewn throughout.

    For more information or to order your copy, check out the Golden Treasures Publishing website.

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    New book on Badfinger!!! Billy James has just signed a deal with Joey Molland from the legendary 'power pop' band - Badfinger. In lieu of the recent VH1 special and Joey Molland's incredible new CD, This Way Up, it was time the world was enlightened about the band that critics have continually compared to the Beatles for years. Tentatively entitled Day After Day - The Story Of Badfinger (Golden Treasures 2003) - Joey Molland tells all - the hits and misses - the highs and extreme lows. Watch for more info on this historic documentation. In the meanwhile check out Joey Molland's website:

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6 October 2001

    Billy James' book on Todd Rundgren is moving along. Currently, James has interviewed Marc Nathan, former radio promotions director for Bearsville Records (early '70s); and Bill Bricker, who is a leading authority in all things Todd, and who spearheaded the Toddata fanzines of the '80s with Rundgren's mother Ruth.

    Also, James has recently interviewed the legendary Stewkey from the Nazz. Stewkey has a new CD available called Crazy and features new versions of Hello It's Me. After listening to this great new release, I can honestly say that his voice sounds exactly the way it did 30 years ago! Those interested in ordering the CD can contact him at

    Also, Nazz enthusiast Michael Adrian has contributed a massive amount of info and photos of the Nazz. Likewise, TR historian Tony Rogers has been essential in the finding of Rundgren related humans, who are doing interviews for the book. Most recently, Tony has tracked down the legendary Norman Smart, who was the drummer on the Ballad of Todd Rundgren album, as well as a member of the influential '70s group Hello People. Projected release for the Todd Rundgren book is spring 2002.

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12 May 2001

    Beyond And Before, is nearing completion. The cover art is being done by legendary artist Cal Schenkel, who is best known for his artwork for Frank Zappa and the Mothers. Beyond And Before will be released in late August or early September 2001 by Golden Treasures Publishing publications and will be available in a limited hardbound cover as well as normal softbound cover.

    The Todd Rundgren book A Dream Goes On Forever - The Continuing Story Of Todd Rundgren is moving along. The project has been blessed by the recent support of Todd's wonderful mother Ruth, who has been a big help by supplying much positive energy and fabulous personal photos and memorabilia! Others who have graciously contributed to the project so far are Tony Rogers, Kelli Richards, Doug Powell, Roger Powell, Kasim, Moogy Klingman, Kevin Ellman, Roger Linder, Steve Roeser, Michael Adrian, Hiroshi Kawauchi, Mary Lou Arnold, Steve DiGiorgi, Tom Cannon, Keiko Ohwada and many others. The book's artwork will once again be done by Cal Schenkel and is scheduled for release on Golden Treasures Publishing, Jan. 2002. Watch for updates!

    Necessity Is...The Early Years Of Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention - released early Jan. 2001. See Mailorder Muck for ordering info and see below for more info.

    Michael Bruce - No More Mr. Nice Guy (Revised Edition) is now available! See Mailorder Muck for ordering information.

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Previous Book News

    Billy James has recently signed a deal for his next two books with a new US publisher, Golden Treasures Publishing . The first book scheduled for release in May 2001 is Peter Banks's biography Beyond and Before - The Formative Years of Yes, written with Billy James. Although the book covers Banks's entire career, it does focus extensively on his years with Yes. The book also features unique stories about the "progressive rock" era, to which Peter Banks was a main contributor. Extraordinary stories, like the time Yes, Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, and the Nice were chased out of Cork, Ireland by an angry mob, or the time Robert Fripp made all the traffic signals turn green one evening, while driving home from the Speakeasy - fascinating reading! Beyond and Before will also feature rare photos of the Syn, Yes and Empire, as well as Flash. Former Flash road manager George Mizer has graciously contributed some rare Flash photos from his archive to the book! Watch this section for updates.

    The second book slated for release on Golden Treasures, July 2002, is A Dream Goes on Forever - The Continuing Story of Todd Rundgren, currently being written by Billy James, with the aid of long time Todd Rundgren photographer Ed McCarthy. This definitive biography of Rundgren will also feature rare and unseen photographs from Ed McCarthy's 20 year archive, as well as rare exclusive interviews from Don Brewer, Peter Banks, Michael Bruce, Neal Smith, Alice Cooper, Chris Andres, Mary Lou Arnold, Tubes members, Joey Molland, Roger Linder, Utopia members (including Moogy Klingman and Kevin Ellman), and other notable people related in some way to Todd Rundgren's illustrious 35 year career. Watch this section for updates.

    *Note from the author: Anyone interested in contributing to the Todd Rundgren book (e.g., interviews, articles, reviews, memorabilia, video or recordings), please contact me. In turn, you will receive a credit in the book's acknowledgements.

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    Billy James' book Necessity Is...The Early Years of Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention is officially released in Europe. It was recently rated #2 for January's Fastest Moving Rock Books in the UK, as reported by Mojo Magazine (Jan. 2001). This illuminating book features candid interviews with the likes of Don Preston, Bunk Gardner, Jimmy Carl Black, Roy Estrada, Motorhead Sherwood, Ray Collins, Buzz Gardner, Richard Kunc and others. This is the story of how the Mothers began, their reign as the most bizarre rock group ever to emerge in the 1960s, to their demise in 1970. The book also concentrates on the ex-MOI members subsequent careers as the Grandmothers and solo artists. The book is published by SAF Publishing.


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    Zoot Horn Rollo's Capt. Beefheart Experience has been released in Japan! The Japanese version is a hardbound book and has a different cover. It is also completely written in Japanese! Watch for the German version of this critically acclaimed book coming soon!


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    The revised version of Michael Bruce's 
No More Mister Nice Guy
book will be 
released around the same time as the 
Mothers book. It features a new cover 
(at right) as well as new photographs, 
added text, and update chapter!



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    The Grand Funk book is selling well and has received positive reviews in three top UK magazines: Q Magazine, Record Collector, and Record Buyers Mart. One correction in the book's photo section needs to be pointed out. On the fifth page of the photo section, top left photo of Mark Farner is credited to Ernie Magness. This is a mistake. The photo credit should go to Vince Redman. This credit mistake will be corrected in the second pressing of the book. Also, please let me know if any of you readers find inaccuracies/mistakes in the GFR book (some of you have already), then I can correct in following editions. Thanks!!!!

    An American Band - The Story of Grand Funk Railroad is now completed, with the help of both GFR band members Don Brewer and Mel Schacher. Brewer has also written the forward to the book, making it the definitive documentation of the history of the legendary rock group. Check out the Mailorder Muck for ordering information - signed copies by the author will be available as well.

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    A Bee and a Brew? At right, Ant-Bee and legendary Grand Funk drummer Don Brewer hanging out in West Palm Beach, FL - March 31, 1999.


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Writer's Disclaimer

    Billy James would like the public to know that he has always requested permission from the artists he is writing his books about to make sure they have no objections to the writing of the aforementioned book. He has always offered the artist a cut of the royalties as well as the opportunity to look over and make changes/additions to the manuscript before it goes to print. If at any point, during the requesting of the permission to do the project, the artist did not wish to have a book written about him/group James would have complied completely.

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Book Notes

    The Ant-Bee highly recommends the book The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy it will change your life!!!!

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