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Napoleon Murphy Brock

    UPDATE; July 11, 2003: Napoleon will be performing at the Zappanale with the Muffin Men and Sex Without Nails Brothers in Germany July 20-30th. He will then fly to Italy and perform three concerts with the group Ossi Duri. Napoleon is also featured on two tracks on their new Italian CD. Napoleon, Don Preston and Ike Willis will be performing with Project Object in the US Oct - Nov. 2003.

    Aug 20, 2002; Napoleon Murphy Brocks new CD "Balls" will be available Sept. 15, 2002, and his new website will be up and running at the same date  - keep a watch here for more updates!

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    The legendary Napoleon Murphy Brock is back on the music scene again, much to the elation of his fans worldwide! Napoleon, who is best known for his work as lead vocals, sax, and flute with Frank Zappa and George Duke, has recently been performing around the country with Project Object. He will be performing in Europe this coming summer with the Grandmothers as well as appearing on their next album. Most recently, Napoleon unearthed some vintage recordings he made right after he left Frank Zappa's group in 1975, and before he joined George Duke's ensemble. 

    These records are a rare glimpse into the innovative artistry of Napoleon Murphy Brock, all of which showcase his incredible vocal talents. Hopefully to be featured on the recordings is keyboard extraordinaire George Duke. These recordings are now being considered for release on CD this year. Watch this page for future updates and ordering instructions.

    Anyone interested in retaining Napoleon Murphy Brock's services as vocalist, sax, flute for recording sessions, or live performances, or wish to write him a fan letter can correspond through the ANT-BEE Web Bizarre

    All messages will be forwarded to Napoleon.

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