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    I realize it has been a number of years betwixt the release of ANT-BEE - Lunar Muzik and my new album (still unfinished) Electronic Church Muzik. Many of you have expressed concern as to why such a delay in my work. It is true that I have been working on my new opus for an exorbitant amount of time - I am very aware of this. But I feel now is the time to explain why my spiritual extravaganza has taken so long to finish. For one important reason -- when I do my work it is done with great assiduous articulation. Therefore, countless hours of studio time is required to accurately execute the recordings. These hours translate into a considerable amount of money - ah yes, money - the golden rainbow at the end of an artist's sky. It is no secret that the ANT-BEE has been screwed more than once from his former record labels, as well as many unsavory characters in the music business that have detained, detracted and sucked much precious energy from the downtrodden artist of the avant-garde. Similarly, concurrent to the recent muck of innocuous muzak sprouting from every corner of the globe - record labels are not willing to sign an artist like ANT-BEE - "too progressive" - one label told me that my work was way ahead of its time and to come back in 20 years and we'll discuss it then (yuk, yuk).

    But hey, this is not a note of discouragement, rather encouragement - for the album is a testament to GOD and therefore GOD alone knows when, where and how it shall be released!!! So fear not - for you will soon drink from the fountain of pure electric honey again - for it is predestined...

ANT-BEE, February 2002

    (Electronic Church Muzik confirmed guest appearances: Daevid Allen, Gilli Smyth, Bunk Gardner, Don Preston, Michael Bruce, Peter Banks, Jan Akkerman, Zoot Horn Rollo, Rockette Morton, Napolean Murphy Brock, Moogy Klingman, Roger Powell, Motorhead, Bob Harris.)

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