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Pure Electric Honey

1990 VOXX Records VXS 200.056 (LP)

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Eating Chocolate Cake (in the Bath)
My Cat
Black & White Cat, Black & White Cake
Silly Fat Fingers
The Wrong at Once (Has Gone)
Say Ahhh!
The Green Gin
Evolution #7
  • Part I
  • Part II
  • Part III
  • Part IV
The Ant-Bee: Vocals, Drums, Percussion, Tablas, Guitar, Keyboards, Tape Manipulations
Herman Monster (Roy Herman): Electric, Acoustic, Slide and Beast Guitars
Mr. Green Beans (Greg Lamastro): Sitar
The Spiral Staircase (Todd Rogers): Keyboards
Purple Plastic Penguin (Rick Snyder): Bass
Mod Martion (Rod Martin): Slide Guitar
Ymmit (Timmy Cannon): Bagpipes
The Colonel (Jeff Wolfe): Harmonica
Nedlok Tocs (Scott Kolden): Guitar, Studio Sorcery
Om Shanti (Jeff Marden): Flute
Fuzzy Martin (Charlotte): Backwards Violin
Rantin' & Ravin' (Bob & Suzannah Harris): Rantin' & Ravin'
Gouda & the Potato: Meows
Produced by Billy James and Scott Kolden  |  Cover design by The Ant-Bee

Billy James Resurfaces -
Newly Discovered Recordings

Sir Happy Krimble - A few notes about Billy James and Ant-Bee.

    Very few artists in the history of music have reached the depths of obscurity as Billy James did. His reign over the "Pop Culture" lasted from Nov. 1967 to Dec. 1967. Within that month his music would change the course of history as he knew it.

    Who is - who was Billy James? He was born in New York City in a log cabin, which he helped his father build. In his early teens he ran with a gang, vandalized vender machines and work of all learned to play the accordian. Also, it was during these years he began his long addiction with "Surrealism."

    In a rare 1968 interview, he openly admitted to looking at 1000 Dali painting in one sitting. He also attributes his self-imposed reclusiveness as a direct result of his surreal experimentations.

    No one knows the exact story of what went on during those magical recording sessions of Ant-Bee - however, a lot of speculation has been made. Let's face it, these recordings have been lost for over 20 years!

The music...

    Eating Chocolate Cake in the Bath: This song is said to be the result of his Bathtub Protests. For 3 weeks he ate chocolate cake while taking a bath. To this day, no one is sure what these protests were for.

    Black and White Cat, Black and White Cake: This song was said to be inspired by a B movie filmed in 1976, making the song even stranger since it was recorded in 1967.

    Silly Fat Fingers: Syd Barrett was once quoted as saying that this song was very odd.

    The Green Gin: This song was conceived during his trip to India and studies with the Maharishi. Unfortunately, it was too late when he discovered he had mistaken the famous Guru with the famous French chef Mahershey Laroux. Thus, instead of discovering truth and enlightenment, he learned how to bake a perfect souffle.

    The Wrong at Once (Has Gone): This song sort of sums up his beliefs on love, sex, religion, politics, drugs, food, etc., sort of.

    Several unfortunate incidents caused this pioneering project to be shelved for 20 years. Several record producers were quoted saying the music was ahead of its time, and for Billy James to come back again in 20 years and they'll discuss it then. By this time his own surrealistic habit was wearing thin. During a Smothers Brothers show, at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go in Hollywood, he was arrested for wearing a Warhol on his head. That incident was the final straw that broke the artist's spirit. Billy James was not heard from again - until now.

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