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Lunar Muzik

1997 Divine Records 20

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Snorks & Wheezes
Child of the Moon
Blew a Banana Thru the Sun
The One Who is Gold 
(1 meg MP3 sound clip)
Silicone Hump
Love is Only Sleeping
By-and-By I Touch the Sky

  • Main Theme
  • The Swan & the Horseshoe Excerpts
  • The Platinum God Excerpts
  • Main Theme Revisited
Diva Gliss (Are You Sirius?)
Tears That Fall Unto the Sky
Return of the Titanic Overture
Son of Snorks & Wheezes
The Ant-Bee: Vocals, Drums, Percussion, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Tape Manipulations
Father Gong (Daevid Allen): Glissando Guitare & Divine Inspiration
Bunk Gardner: Saxes, Clarinets, Dialogue & Vegetables
Dom Dewild (Don Preston): Keyboards, Mysterious Narration & Transformations
The Indian of the Group (Jimmy Carl Black): Lewd Dialog & Chanting
Pachuco Falsetto (Roy Estrada): Bizarre Laughter, Dialogue & Wheezing
Motorhead (Jim Sherwood): Snorkus Maximus
Hawklord (Harvey Bainbridge): Synthesizer Extraordinaire & "The Swan & the Horseshoe" Excerpts
Mr. Nice Guy (Michael Bruce): Guitars, Bass, Sitars, Keyboards & Teenage Idol
The Platinum God (Neal Smith): Rock Star Drum Solo & "The Platinum God" excerpts
Billion Dollar Bassist (Dennis Dunnaway): Bass
Zillion Dollar Guitarist (Glen Buxton): Bizarre Guitar
Professor Drone (Harry Williamson): Synth-Drone
The Mod Martian (Rod Martin): Guitars, Bass & Bowling Shirt
Reoccuring Schizms (Scott Renfroe): Guitars, Bass, Computor & Studio Wizard
Millet Pancake (Bob Harris): Great Nostalgic Chihuahua Impersonations
Herman Monster (Roy Herman): Slide Guitar Frenzy
Sonraw (George Scala): Master of the Recorder
Brainyak (Steve Kale): Guitars, Harmonica
James Bond (Peter Radloff): Backwards Guitar Mania
Mix Doctor (J.K. Lofton): Synth-Guitar, Bass, Engineer Extraordinaire
Kapri-Korn (Lan Nichols): Bass
Little Joe (Paul Bruce): Keyboards
Monk (Mike McManimen): Drunken Keyboards
The Bizarre Vocal Ensemble (on "Snorks & Wheezes"): Mike Rowell, Jeff Marden, Rod Martin, Alan McBrayer, Suzanne McBrayer, Solo Munchkin Opera Vocal
Cover art by Syd Barrett. View the front and back cover. |  Produced by Billy James
Engineered by Scott Renfroe, Patrick Ogelvie, J.K. Loftin, Daevid Allen, Don Preston, Harvey Bainbridge

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